Born in south of Poland - Carpathian Mountains


1997–2006 Cologne, setting up the international independent art label Zolabor (LINK 1, LINK 2): Exploring the present with the help of artisitc fields; music, dance, acting, painiting, computer, interview, and literature.

1997 Museum Teloymühle, Meerbusch n. Düsseldorf, "Mit dem Spiegel" (picture-dance and voice performance) for Klaus Ritterbusch "Alltag und Paranoia der Strandkrabben".

1997 Cologne Kunsthochschule für Medien, "Zitella"

1998 Bathe Düsseldorf, art exhibition "Spektakel mit dem Sieb"

1998 World congress of brain researchers at Germany, Poland, and USA, modeling short movies: "Das Absolute" and "Alle 3 Sekunden"

2000 Cologne Kunsthochschule für Medien, video performance "Zunge" and "Mundguillotine"

2000 Cologne (higher regional court), exhibition "Verkuppelt"

2000 Turin, video festival Golem „Zunge“

2001 Cologne, 14th International Photoszene

2001 Eindhoven, live performance „5 Bilder zu Angst“

2001-2002 Bangkok, Galerie Silpakorn exhibitions of video and painting performances (LINK 1, LINK2 ) "Cologne meets Bangkok"

2003 Bangkok, Galerie Silpakorn exhibitions of video and painting performances “The Small World"

2003 Cologne, 15th International Photoszene

2003 Liverpool, JSR (Contemporary Art Gallery) exhibitions of video and painting performances "Voice“, BBC England "About my art"

2003 Cologne, Performances ART Cologne "Academy of Pussy"

2004 Tokio, exhibitions of video and painting performances Video Center Tokyo "Narziss und Echo“

2004 Cologne, Performances ART Cologne "Rheintöchter" 

2004 Cologne, Photography and Art, Lange Nacht – “Herzbluth”

2005 Cologne, Photoszene Cologne "Clinton Baby“

2006 Cologne, Photoszene Cologne "Mountains“

2007 Cologne, Offene Ateliers "Narziss und Echo“

2008 Cologne, Offene Ateliers Drawing/Painting stillife

2009-2016 Cologne, composing 19 audio trainings for voice building and speech art

2016 Cologne, Composition Konzert, Italian Institute „Du bist alles“  (song)

2017 Cologne, Composition Konzert, Italian Institute „Schöner Mann“ (song)

2018 Cologne, Zyklus „Le Verrou“, Rheinische Musikschule

2019 Cologne, Offene Ateliers Drawing/Painting Composition and visual "Thymianperlen"

2020 Cologne, Offene Ateliers Drawing/ Painting Composition and Visual “Boccaccio 2019+”

Ewa Katharina v. Latozsek



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