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If you are interested to learn more about my art, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

My working address:

  • KunstWerk e.V.
  • Deutz-Mühlheimerstr 115 (earlier 127)
  • Atelier 415, 50163 Cologne, Germany

See Me At

August, 2021

GG, Hamburg, Germany

August, 2021

private exhibition, Jaslo, Poland

September 2020

open ateliers at Kunstwerk, Cologne, Germany


2014- 2019

Harmony and composition at the Rheinische Music School, Cologne, Germany

2009- 2019

Learned at pianists Mathias Keul and Betin Günes, Cologne, Germany

1995- 1998

Learned at painter Shahab Mushavisade, Bonn, Germany

1991- 1994

Speech and Drama (anthroposophical study)| Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Alfter at Bonn, Germany

1989- 1990

Class/post-graduate study (anthroposophical study) |Institute for Waldorf Education, Witten, Germany

Ready to take your order :)

Polish (mother tongue)

German (advanced)

English (intermediate)

Russian (intermediate)

With pleasure I take your order for a commissioned work. I have a multilangual background and I am flexible for contact. Are you intereseted in a design or music composition? I can help you to produce for you beautiful art.

My Work

Zitrone Digitale

Audiovisuelle Collage

Zitronen symbolisieren Mäßigung als Gegensatz zum Zucker. 

Gefördert durch Stipendium Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft

Garten aller Wünsche

Boccaccio 21 - Audiovisuelle Collage

Das Bild Garten aller Wünsche ist komponiert mit den Video-Aufnahmen von Gärtenwelten und ist in der harmonischen Musik intensiv erfahrbar. 

Gefördert durch Stipendium Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft

cycle of the crane

Follow the cycle of the crane. Painting on paper with carbon rod.

cycle of the human being

See the developing process of the human being with all its ripening process.

alma mater

Have a look to the nature. Captured moments of silence and harmony.


Inspired by the mountains where I come from.

video and music

On demand.

Ewa Katharina v. Latozsek



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